Lemon Salmon with Basil, Tomato and Red Wine Vinaigrette Orzo

Last summer, my husband and I went with my extended family on an Alaskan cruise which was incredible! And talk about amazing seafood! I have always enjoyed salmon, but since that trip, I cannot get enough of it. And, the health benefits are even more of an incentive to eat it.  The omega 3 fatty acid content (also known as a type of essential fatty acid) as well as it being a great source of lean protein are a few reasons why you should aim to include salmon in your menu rotation. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends two servings of fatty fish per week, like salmon, for the heart health benefit of Omega 3’s.  In addition, these nutrients are beneficial for brain function and have anti-inflammatory properties that play a role in prevention of other illness and disease. The body does not make omega- 3 fatty acids, so it is important that a person’s diet provides these nutrients.

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