{Friday} Favorites at Trader Joe’s: Part 2

We are back to link up with Heather for Friday Favorites! And for this Friday’s edition, we are continuing our series on Favorites at Trader Joe’s.  Be sure to check out our post from Monday for the first part of the list!


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Favorites at Trader Joe’s: Part 1

Trader Joe’s is – hands down- one of my favorite places to shop; I could spend hours in there! With locations around the country, the chain is known for keeping costs low by using their own packaging. But, my favorite part of the store is their focus on health without shoppers having to pay a premium. Whether you are following a specific diet or looking to make some healthy changes to your diet, there are many items that are not only healthy but are tasty. We wanted to share a few of our favorite items at Trader Joe’s, hoping that it will help you navigate the store next time you are shopping there!


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