Not so ‘healthy’: Sugar edition

Browsing through the grocery store can be a difficult task! There are so many marketing claims out there on products that it can be easy to purchase a food item without thinking about the components of the product. Today, we are starting a new series that looks at food items that may be considered ‘healthy’ in some aspects, but when you take a closer look, you learn that this product that claims to be ‘healthy,’ isn’t so healthy after all! First up, sugar. From yogurt to smoothie drinks to salads, the amount of sugar in food can be easily overlooked and shocking!

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5 foods in your pantry that you didn’t know have added sugar

Reading nutrition labels for many of us involves looking at the calories, protein, fat, sodium, carbohydrate etc. Reading the ingredients list is something that is often overlooked as most of us tend to be more concerned with the nutritional value of the food versus what is actually in it. Over the past couple of years I have become more concerned with the ingredients list and less concerned with the macronutrient content. Foods with fewer ingredients, no artificial ingredients and no added sugars will automatically provide better nutrition as good nutrition comes from unprocessed, whole foods.

There are likely many foods lurking in your refrigerator and pantry that contain added sugars, dyes and other artificial ingredients that you may not be aware of. Today I wanted to highlight 5 foods you most likely have in your house, that contain added sugar that you probably don’t realize!

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