Chocolate Peanut Butter Power Bites + No added sugar challenge

Looking for a healthier dessert to keep around your house when your sweet tooth strikes? These power bites taste like peanut butter cups but have no added sugar!


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Purple Sweet Potato + Egg + Avocado Bowls

Busy nights call for quick dinners. 3 ingredients, ready in less than 20 minutes- it doesn’t get any better than that!

purple sweet potato-close up

I got hooked on purple sweet potatoes a few months back after seeing a recipe on Pinterest. Since I remain obsessed with my spiralizer, naturally, my first thought on how to prepare these new-to-me potatoes was of course to make swooddles (get it…sweet potato noodles…ok maybe not ūüôā

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Southwest Egg Cups

I am a fan of quick breakfasts, as you can¬†probably tell from my¬†overnight oats and baked oatmeal recipes. I’m always on the lookout for a breakfast recipe that¬†I can prep ahead of time and quickly¬†warm up in the morning but that still provides key¬†nutrients, especially fiber and protein. ¬†Eggs have always been a breakfast staple, but I used to wait to cook¬†them until¬†weekend mornings when I had more time to spend in the kitchen. After searching thru¬†Pinterest for breakfast recipes, I decided to create my own healthier breakfast egg cup recipe. These cups are so¬†tasty, packed with veggies and provide the protein punch I need in the morning to fuel my day. ¬†By using¬†half egg whites in this recipe, the nutrients of the yolk are provided but the calorie and cholesterol amounts¬†are reduced. The trick to this egg cup recipe is saut√©ing the vegetables first, so the flavor is magnified in each cup.

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Citrus Herb Roasted Chicken

This time of year, it seems like we are usually in need of a tasty¬†entree to take to an event¬†or are hosting others¬†at our¬†dinner table. The task of creating a menu or choosing an entree large enough to feed a group of people can be daunting. I found this Citrus Herb Roasted Chicken recipe and knew I had to recreate it! The recipe is simple and perfect for a large group, as you can easily adjust the amount of chicken you are cooking. But, even for just two people, the recipe is an easy meal¬†to make. One of the best parts is that you can make enough to have¬†lunch or¬†dinner leftovers for later on! It was a hit in our home, and I’m excited to share it with our HBH readers.


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Eggplant Chili

This flavorful chili is the perfect meal to kick off fall and winter with its easy prep and cleanup! And, the eggplant provides a heartiness that you will not miss if you choose to make it meatless. 


Cooler weather and chili seem to go hand in hand. Whenever our temperatures drop, it is one of the first dishes I make. ¬†Growing up, chili was the meal we ate every Halloween evening, so it only seemed natural to continue the theme of chili as a ‘kickoff meal’ to fall! It’s also a perfect dish to simmer on a Sunday afternoon and have for the week to eat off of for lunch or dinner. I wanted to add a spin to the typically chili recipe by adding additional vegetables and using ground turkey for my meat-lovin’ husband, and I think my Eggplant Chili is a new favorite of ours! This dish could be easily made vegetarian/vegan by eliminating the ground turkey and using chickpeas in place of kidney beans for that extra protein punch!

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