Breakfast Quinoa

 This is an alternative to oatmeal, whole grain, protein filled meal that will keep you satiated until lunch time. Its extremely versatile and could be mixed with a variety of mix ins- I used seasonal berries for this batch, but I love to add dried fruit, hemp seeds, chia seeds, bananas, pumpkin etc. 


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Making Healthy Choices at a Salad Bar + Sweet Tomatoes Review

Salad bars and buffets are a healthy alternative to a traditional restaurant, right? Not always. Making healthy choices, even at a salad bar, can be tricky. Many times salads served at restaurants are not too far off in calorie and fat content from a burger and fry entree or a creamy pasta dish. Take for example the Oriental Grilled Chicken salad from Applebees- it contains a whopping 1280 calories and 760 calories from fat (Source). On the contrary, the American standard burger contains 1030 calories and 640 calories from fat (Source). Shocking, right?! Moral of the story: just because it is a salad, does not mean it is healthy.

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Chia Seeds + Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats

Good morning! I have been struggling with motivation for breakfast lately, my usual staples just have not been sounding good. What always sounds good for breakfast? CHOCOLATE!


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5 Healthy Freezer Staples + 10 minute meal

Hello, we hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Ours was spent primarily at the pool, because this Houston heat is just crazy!



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Protein 101 + Three Vegetarian/ Vegan protein sources

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We hope you celebrate tonight with some Mexican food! Why not try our turkey enchiladaburrito bowl or homemade salsa recipes for a healthy spin to the typical Mexican cusiine classics?!

Today, we are looking at non- meat or dairy based sources of protein. With a focus on incorporating more meatless meals into our weekly routine, I have been trying to incorporate protein sources that are healthy but substantial! Not only are these food items high in protein, they also provide other crucial nutrients to make it a well rounded dish.

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