5 Healthy Freezer Staples + 10 minute meal

Hello, we hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Ours was spent primarily at the pool, because this Houston heat is just crazy!



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Better for you Blueberry Pancakes

There is nothing like diving into a warm stack of pancakes with a steaming cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Pancakes have always been more of a weekend breakfast for us, as they take longer to prepare, and I used to think they were too indulgent to be eaten on a daily basis.


Now a few years later,  I found myself with a finicky one year old, looking for new recipes to try. One morning, I whipped up a batch of blueberry pancakes for her and she inhaled them. She has eaten a pancake almost every day for the last year (yes, we do offer plenty of other options, but she requests pancakes).

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