Mini Mexican Bites: Superbowl Party Appetizer

Looking for a low fat, healthy appetizer to bring to your next party or event? Check out these tasty Mini Mexican Bites for a protein/ fiber rich snack!


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Lightened up roasted vegetable, turkey enchiladas

I love Mexican food. Enchiladas are one of my favs, but the restaurant versions are usually saturated with an overabundance of cheese and sauce. For some this may sound great, but for me its a turn off- I like to taste the rest of the meal, not just cheese!

I had planned to make enchiladas this week using the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving (lets be honest, we are all a little sick of turkey sandwiches over here!) I have my standard recipe for enchiladas- meat, green chilies, sour cream and cream cheese- rolled up in flour tortillas and topped with sauce and cheese. In an effort to further clean up the leftovers we had from having guests in town on Thanksgiving, I scoured the refrigerator for anything that might complement the standard enchilada recipe. Furthermore, I was looking to increase the nutrient density and make the recipe slightly healthier as I’m still feeling sluggish from the weekend of feasting! Much to my surprise, I had a lot of leftovers that could be re-purposed! The end result was a veggie filled, high protein, lower fat version of traditional enchiladas. My husband bit into one and said, “These are different than normal, they are so good…mmmm”. My response, “Yes, they have more veggies, less cheese, oh and greek yogurt instead of sour cream!”

roasted vegetable enchiladas- close up

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