Diet Dish: Paleo

One of our missions when we started Healthy Bites Houston was to provide accurate, science based nutrition information to our readers. Its been awhile since we recapped a fad diet (check out or last Diet Dish on the Whole 30 diet here). Fad diets tend to make lofty claims without sound information to back up those claims. Today we are talking about the Paleo diet, which is also known as the Paleolithic or Caveman diet.

Paleo diet graphic


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Meat labeling: Organic, all natural, hormone free?

Maneuvering through the grocery store now a days can be challenging when trying to make good decisions about the foods you are buying. Is it worth the splurge on organic apples versus regular apples?  Or what about the non GMO cotton candy grapes? Organic meat vs all natural meat? Though it is wonderful there are so many options at the grocery store, it can be a little overwhelming if you are not informed about what the different labels on foods mean. We recently touched on how misleading certain health claims can be with our post on nutrition labels. Today specifically I wanted to talk about meat and the different health claims you can find on meat products.

The USDA is the government agency that is responsible for meat labeling and according to their website, there are 19 different labeling terms that can be used on meat products sold in the US!

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