Food trends: What are Pulses?

Have you heard of pulses? Do you know that pulses are predicted to be the number one food trend of 2016 by a variety of people in the food industry? Today, we are talking all about pulses- specifically, what they are, their nutritional benefit and why there is so much hype surrounding them!

Do you know what Pulses are and would you guess that these are predicted to be the top food trend in 2016? Check out our post explaining what they are and their nutritional benefit!

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Facts about Fiber

Fiber is a buzz word these days, especially in the grocery store. Many food items will claim that they are high in fiber, but it leaves us wondering: ‘How much fiber do we actually need in a day?’ And, a lot of times, it can seem impossible to get that much in! Fiber, an undigested carbohydrate found only in plants, plays an essential role in our body. We previously reviewed the daily goal for fiber intake (20-35 grams per day depending on age and sex) when we discussed food labels.

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