Quick Bites: Starbucks

We’re back with another installment of our series on making healthier choices while eating out and today we are talking about Starbucks. I am guilty of treating myself to a caffeine filled cup of deliciousness multiple times per week. This makes it even more important for me to make healthier choices each time I indulge so I’m not packing on the pounds!

HBH quick bites-starbucks

The new law requiring restaurants to provide their nutrition information to customers on the menu has forced restaurants to revamp some of their menus and provide options for the health conscious consumers. Starbucks, along with many other companies seems to have realized there is a large customer base that is concerned with nutrition and only having pastries and coffee drinks in excess of 500 calories was not going to be suitable to their customers. These changes have been advantageous in that there are now a variety of healthier options available, and they are generally labeled making it slightly easier to make smarter choices while in the store.

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