Food trends: What is teff?

Have you heard of teff before? Do you know the nutritional punch that this tiny grain provides? Today, we are back with another installment of ‘Food Trends’ to talk about teff. We previously looked at Pulses, Monkfruit and Sprouted Grains. You may be seeing this grain even more over the next few years, if you have not already. In fact, next time you are in the gluten free, grain or flour area of your grocery store, look for this product. Bob’s Red Mill carries their own version of the grain and flour, among other brands.


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Like It, Love It, Avoid It: Flours

We’re back today with another post in our Like It, Love It, Avoid It series. Today we are focusing on flours because choosing flour is not as simple as it once was. There are so many varieties of flours and hard-to-understand verbiage on packaging it can make picking a healthy flour very difficult! Depending on what you are using flour for, certain alternatives may be more suited for a given recipe due to the differences in density, moistness and flavor.

flour 1


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