Ask the RD- Part 2

We are back today answering more of your questions with another installment of Ask the RD! If you missed Ask the RD part 1, be sure to check it out!

ask the RD 2

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Ask the RD- Part 1

One of our primary goals when starting this blog was to help provide accurate nutrition information. As I’m sure you’re aware, there is plenty of information about the latest and greatest diet, pill, vitamin, protein powder, exercise class etc. Without a solid understanding of human nutrition, this information can be hard to sort through to find fact vs fiction. In addition, things are constantly changing. Throughout our careers, we have been asked numerous questions, though some seem to continually come up. We wanted to start a series, Ask the RD, addressing some of the common questions that have come up! Feel free to email or comment below if you have a question you would like answered!

ask the rd

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