Meal Delivery Part 2: Plated

A few weeks ago, we began a series on meal and ingredient delivery companies that are available online. Our first post focused on Hello Fresh. The benefit of using these type of systems is that you do not have to meal plan or grocery shop but instead have fresh ingredients delivered to your door. All that is left is cooking! As mentioned previously, my goal is to compare each company with the same parameters and include pictures to make it easier for you to decide what fits best for you and your family! The second company I experimented with was Plated.

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Baked Rosemary Chicken and Vegetables

My husband and I love to host family and friends over at our house for dinner. There is something about having people in our home, gathered around our dining room table that we cherish. One of my absolute favorite recipes to make, especially when we have guests over, is my recipe for baked rosemary chicken and vegetables. I originally received this recipe from a friend and have prepared it at least a dozen times since (with a few alterations). We never get tired of it! It is extremely easy to prepare, is very flavorful and has some wonderful health benefits from the variety of color in each bite! [Read more…]

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