Food Trends: What are Sprouted Grains

There are so many food trends out there, it can be hard to keep up with which ones are worth trying out and which ones should be passed up. Have you heard of sprouted grains? Ezekiel bread? Well, sprouted grains are not really new, though they have gained popularity due to their potential health benefits. Today we are discussing what they are and if you should be making the switch to sprouted!

sprouted grain collage

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Cranberry Banana Bread

Every time we have overly ripe bananas in the house, I immediately want to bake banana bread. But, the shortening and/or butter content of most banana bread recipes can be shocking! Did you know that 1 stick (1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons) of shortening has 880 calories, 96 grams total fat and 28 grams saturated fat? Plus, with the second ingredient being fully hydrogenated palm oil {think trans fats} and other ingredients included like the preservative TBHG {yikes}, shortening is just scary! Butter is not any better with 2 times the saturated fat amount – 800 calories, 88 grams total fat and 56 grams saturated fat! So, I went on a mission to create a healthier, but just as tasty, banana bread with NO butter or shortening included. And, after playing around with the recipe a few times and holding taste tests with my banana bread lovin’ husband, I’m excited to share my {no butter included} Cranberry Banana Bread!


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