That smoothie has how much sugar?!

Juicing and smoothies seem to be some of the most popular drinks these days. Especially for those who find it difficult to eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in a day, these drinks can be an easy way to get a wide range of nutrients a body needs. Unlike a juice, one benefit to a smoothie is the fact that the fiber from the fruit and vegetable remains in the drink. Fiber is needed for many reasons, and the benefit of having it in a drink is to slow down the release of sugar into bloodstream; you feel fuller for longer.   [Read more…]

Baked Rosemary Chicken and Vegetables

My husband and I love to host family and friends over at our house for dinner. There is something about having people in our home, gathered around our dining room table that we cherish. One of my absolute favorite recipes to make, especially when we have guests over, is my recipe for baked rosemary chicken and vegetables. I originally received this recipe from a friend and have prepared it at least a dozen times since (with a few alterations). We never get tired of it! It is extremely easy to prepare, is very flavorful and has some wonderful health benefits from the variety of color in each bite! [Read more…]

Protein Packed Quinoa Broccoli Bites

Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is an ancient grain from the Andes region in South America. It was domesticated 3,000-4,000 years ago and has gained popularity in the last few years for use as a gluten free, higher protein starch alternative. Quinoa contains 5 grams of protein for each 1/4 cup dry or 3/4 cup cooked. 1 cup dry quinoa yields about 3 cups cooked. [Read more…]

Patriotic Berry Trifle

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays – being able to spend time with family and friends and celebrating our country, especially the men and women who fight for us daily.  And of course, the day’s celebration seems to always include an assortment of food. This year, we are spending our day poolside and have planned a potluck. I decided to create this guilt free dessert that is enough for all of our friends to share. [Read more…]

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