Favorite phone apps, Part 1: Nutrition

Every year, it seems like my cell phone is becoming more and more useful. I answer emails, make my grocery lists, read books, catch up on the news, shop and even control a light switch in my house all from my phone. Ok, I admit I love technology! I get {really} excited when I receive a new gadget as a gift or the newest update is available for my iPhone! So, why not use my phone as an aid to living a healthier life!? There are thousands of phone applications out there that are geared towards fitness and nutrition, but it’s hard to know which ones work and those that don’t.  So, I have decided to narrow down the list to some of my favorite nutrition and fitness phone apps! My hope is that this will be a convenient, and even fun, way to track your fitness and nutrition goals. First up, a few of my favorite nutrition apps!

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