Facts about Fiber

Fiber is a buzz word these days, especially in the grocery store. Many food items will claim that they are high in fiber, but it leaves us wondering: ‘How much fiber do we actually need in a day?’ And, a lot of times, it can seem impossible to get that much in! Fiber, an undigested carbohydrate found only in plants, plays an essential role in our body. We previously reviewed the daily goal for fiber intake (20-35 grams per day depending on age and sex) when we discussed food labels.

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What is a nutrient dense food? Plus 8 nutrient dense snacks

Continuing with the “Back to School” theme this week, I thought I would share some of my favorite snacks. Whether you have kids and pack snacks for school and activities, you work full time, or you stay at home, chances are you reach for a snack at some point in your day. Snacking can be a part of a healthy diet, though its important to make sure you’re snacking on “healthy” foods.

So what is  considered “healthy”? Healthy is a broad statement and can be interpreted many ways, though when I think of healthy foods, I think of nutrient dense foods.

What does nutrient dense mean? Foods that are nutrient dense offer a large proportion of nutrients, protein, healthy fats, fiber etc in relation to a relatively low amount of calories.

For example: an apple is a nutrient dense food- with only about 80 calories per serving, you get various vitamins, minerals and fiber. On the other hand, a cookie is not a nutrient dense food- for about 150 calories, there are very few vitamins and minerals, with a higher amount of saturated fat and added sugar.

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What are Probiotics?

There are hundreds of nutrition supplements on store shelves. In fact, the supplement industry is a multibillion dollar industry with reported revenues upwards of 96 billion dollars in 2012, and 104 billion the following year (source).

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