Meal Delivery Part 2: Plated

A few weeks ago, we began a series on meal and ingredient delivery companies that are available online. Our first post focused on Hello Fresh. The benefit of using these type of systems is that you do not have to meal plan or grocery shop but instead have fresh ingredients delivered to your door. All that is left is cooking! As mentioned previously, my goal is to compare each company with the same parameters and include pictures to make it easier for you to decide what fits best for you and your family! The second company I experimented with was Plated.

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Quick Bites: Chick-fil-a

Sometimes during the week, as much as we try to meal plan and prep, cooking at home just does not happen. Whether it’s a late day at the office, a Pinterest meal gone wrong, or a hungry child screaming, there are times when eating out on a time crunch is necessary. Especially as a dietitian, I have to give myself grace to realize it’s OK to not have a home cooked meal on the dinner table every night. A healthy lifestyle is truly all about moderation and making healthier choices. With that said, we wanted to start a new series on healthier options at some of the quicker food establishments. Our hope is that we can provide the tools for you to make a more informed decision when eating out. For our quick bites review today, we will look at Chick-fil-a!

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Meal Delivery Part 1: Hello Fresh

Meal planning can be a time consuming part to eating healthy, and not to mention, it is difficult to have a desire to prepare meals at home when the same recipes are on rotation every week or two. Over the past few months, I have been hearing more and more about meal delivery systems that provide fresh ingredients to your doorstep without the hassle of grocery shopping or meal planning.  The benefit of using these companies is that much of the work leading up to a healthy meal prepared at home is taken care of, just the cooking is left! I have been trying out various meal delivery systems and am excited to share my thoughts on each company in a new series. My goal is to compare each company with the same parameters and include pictures to make it easier for you to decide what fits best for you and your family! First up, Hello Fresh.    [Read more…]

That smoothie has how much sugar?!

Juicing and smoothies seem to be some of the most popular drinks these days. Especially for those who find it difficult to eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in a day, these drinks can be an easy way to get a wide range of nutrients a body needs. Unlike a juice, one benefit to a smoothie is the fact that the fiber from the fruit and vegetable remains in the drink. Fiber is needed for many reasons, and the benefit of having it in a drink is to slow down the release of sugar into bloodstream; you feel fuller for longer.   [Read more…]

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