Local Foods Review + an AMAZING Giveaway

Happy Tuesday! We are continuing our series of reviewing some of our favorite local Houston restaurants! In the past, we have reviewed Caracol, Dish Society and Adair Kitchen, and today, we are focusing on one of my absolute favorite places in the city — Local Foods! If you have never been to this restaurant, you need to RUN there for your next meal. It is SO GOOD! Plus, I’m in love with their decor!

Keep reading through this blog post to see how to enter our incredible giveaway. Local Foods was so generous to provide TWO gift certificates to give away to our readers – each certificate covers dinner for four ($100 value) at their Tanglewood location.

Local Foods has four locations throughout the city of Houston that all focus on food that is locally sourced. In fact, you can view the list of where the restaurant obtains their local ingredients from online. The quality of the food is so good and you can really taste the freshness in everything you eat. Every menu item that I have tried at Local Foods has been delicious – it’s honestly so hard to pick what to eat when we go because I have so many favorites.

Not only would I consider Local Foods to be healthy because of its focus on local ingredients, but because of the variety of menu options that support a healthy lifestyle. From quinoa burgers to gourmet sides that are fresh and full of nutrients to sandwiches that can be prepared as salads, you really cannot go wrong with what you order. And, for those who follow specific diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc) there are a variety of options for you to choose from. The staff is extremely willing to make special accommodations to fit your needs. My all time favorite dish at Local Foods is their Crunchy Chicken Sandwich. It is seriously delicious! My mouth might be watering right now thinking of it…


To enter to win one of two gift certificates to Local Foods- Tanglewood (Dinner for 4/ $100 value), just head to our social media sites, Facebook and Instagram –  and tag at least one person in the comment section – 1 entry for every person you tag! And, for double the chances, share our post on either site. You can also comment on this post for a chance to win. The giveaway ends next Monday (Feb. 6th) at 12am CST. We will email our two random winners the following day. Good luck!



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