Week in Review & Friday Favorites 4.1.16

I can’t believe it is April already, this year is blowing by…and here we are with another edition of Week in Review with some Friday Favorites sprinkled in!

Saturday- We spent the day at Blessington Farms playing at Farm Funland, petting the animals, and even participated in an Egg Hunt. We had visited Blessington Farms once before to pick strawberries, but didn’t get to go to Farm Funland. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and we left with some tired kiddos!


IMG_0737 IMG_0743


I’m loving this Cauliflower rice from Trader Joes! Making your own riced cauliflower is always an option, but this just saves so much time (and dishes…). I have been eyeing up a few recipes i want to try like this Greek Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl and this Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl. YUM!

FF-cauli rice



This recipe for quinoa taco bowls! I altered the recipe slightly- added some grass fed ground beef and fire roasted bell peppers and onions, and left out the lettuce, tomato and olives. The result was a hearty and healthy bowl that the hubby ate (and even asked to be packed for his lunch the next day!)


Speaking of tacos, I whipped up a double batch of this homemade taco seasoning this week. I wasn’t sure how it would taste compared to the salty mixes I’m used to, but I’m happy to report IT. WAS. DELICIOUS! I will definitely be making this again, most likely in a quadruple batch!


On a totally random note- a new Friday Favorite is squirt guns… or as my daughter says “Squirtin guns”! We have played squirt guns everyday this week that it hasn’t rained! After seeing a couple of neighbor kids playing with them, I got some small cheapie ones and they have been my daughters favorite toy. So, if you’re looking for an outdoor activity that keeps you cool, and burns some calories- try a good ol-fashioned squirt gun fight!


Pizza Night! We make homemade pizza usually once a week, and though we don’t have a designated night for pizza- it always seems to end up on the menu. I follow my recipe for homemade dough, and vary the toppings to keep it interesting! This week, I decided to make a giant calzone instead of a traditional pizza. I stuffed it with marinara sauce, ricotta, cartelized onions and spinach-feta chicken sausage. I managed to snap a picture of it when I pulled it out of the oven, but it was quickly devoured  and thus I don’t have any other pictures 🙂


And lastly- mornings with my munchkin!



Thanks for the link up Heather!

Happy Friday Friends! Have a good weekend, see you Monday!

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  1. Your girls are too cute! Very jealous that you have squirt gun warm weather!! It’s supposed to be in the 40’s here in NJ Sunday! Have a great weekend!

    • HealthyBites says:

      Thanks Morgan! Thats one of the benefits of being in TX, but i think ill wish we were in NJ come August and its 100 degrees!

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