5 tips to stay healthy while traveling + Hawaii recap

Around New Years, my parents, brother, husband and I went to Hawaii {specifically Oahu and Maui}. It was the best Christmas gift, and I think I am hooked on giving experiences and creating memories instead of gifts now! We spent the first few days in Oahu which included time on the beach and visiting Pearl Harbor. It was surreal seeing that memorial in person. After our time in Oahu, we flew to Maui to spend a few days. While there, we spent more time relaxing on the beach, took a road trip to Hana and were able to take a boat out to see some whales that spend their winter in the Hawaiian waters. One of my favorite nights was when we went to eat at Mama’s Fish House. Known as one of the top restaurants in the U.S., Mama’s Fish House is known for using all fresh and local ingredients. In fact, local fisherman provide the seafood that customers eat daily and even the local farmers provide the coffee beans that the restaurant serves. My meal was one of the best I have ever eaten! For a few additional pictures from our time in Maui, take a look at our instagram (link on the right side of the home page). We had an incredible time, and it was hard to break free from shorts and flip flops once we were back.

Following a healthy diet while traveling can be extremely difficult if you are not prepared with the right tools! There are a few key things I have learned over the past few years that allow for me to balance healthy eating with a few splurges that always come with traveling!


Travel prepared!

The time we spend waiting in the airport and on a plane when traveling can be detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. I always come prepared with snacks in my carry on because you never know how long it will be before you reach your destination. Sitting bored in an airport with an abundance of options for eating (mostly fast food) can be dangerous. I know when I get hungry and bored, I’m tempted to make my way to the nearest shop for a candy bar or bag of chips to kill time and curb cravings. If I have a few snacks available, it’s more convienent (and much cheaper) to eat what I have brought. A few of my favorites are: granola, homemade trail mix, fruit like apples or bananas, single serving hummus and precut veggies or KIND bars.  And, not only will these snacks help while trying to reach your destination, but they can be great options to have in the hotel you are staying in. My husband and I always try to eat one meal in to save money and eat healthier. Usually, that meal is breakfast because those items, like granola bars or low sugar oatmeal packets, are the easiest to pack.

Stay hydrated and choose zero-calorie beverages

A great way to curb cravings and/or hold you until the next meal is to make sure you are hydrated. Every trip we take, we bring a refillable water bottle with us so we can use it daily. A few of our favorite water bottles are found on this post. Whether you call room service for a pitcher of water, head to the hotel gym and grab water from their cooler (which is usually filtered) or use tap water from the room, it is a cost effective way to stay hydrated and healthy.  When eating out while traveling, try to stick to zero calorie beverages to save calories: hot or iced tea, coffee, sparkling water, club soda, or water with a squeeze of citrus fruit.

Find ways to be active

Many vacation spots have local tourist attractions that require you to be active! Whether you are walking while sightseeing or hiking a crater like we did in Oahu, there are always opportunities to keep moving and stay active. Other options would be to do short workouts in your hotel room using various fitness phone applications or even just a few quick exercises. Something is better than nothing at all!

Watch your portions

When traveling, one of my top priorities is to try out as much of the local food as possible. But, it can be difficult to do that at every meal without stuffing myself! One of the best solutions I have found is to either share a meal with someone or order a smaller portion (such as the appetizer or kid’s size). I am able to taste the food without overdoing it. I also try to focus on one or two new foods that I want to try each day that I don’t get to eat much of at home. This allows me to try new items without feeling the urge to order a large entree at each meal. And, when traveling, it’s almost impossible to not order dessert! My family and I would order one dessert to share – enough to try a few bites but this allows me to limit myself.

Choose wisely

Much like eating out at home, it’s important to choose meals wisely when traveling. If possible, avoid free items that are on the table before the entree is served like bread, chips or crackers. The calories in these items add up quickly, and because almost every meal is being eaten out while traveling, these high calorie items can really affect a day’s intake.

Talk to us! What tips or tricks do you follow while traveling?

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