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Yoga has become hugely popular and for good reason! Have you ever tried it? I got into yoga a few years ago through a studio in Houston. For me, yoga brought a sense of peace and self awareness that I had never felt from a workout before.

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As a runner, I  never wanted to “waste” my workout time on yoga since I didn’t consider it a workout. After a few years of serious running with high mileage, I began to have pain in my knees and knew I needed to scale my running back. This was around the time I moved to Houston and started my dietetic internship and Masters program. Life was hectic and I needed to find a way to exercise and relieve stress without running. I found an amazing yoga studio and began practicing 4+ times per week. I was taking 75 minute vinyasa and power yoga classes and I always left the studio drenched in sweat, satisfied and content.

Attending yoga classes in a studio four times per week no longer fits in my schedule, especially since most studios do not offer childcare. I was desperate to find a way to continue my practice at home. After trying a few other online streaming options, I stumbled across The Yoga Collective and have been hooked. The studio is located in Venice Beach, California, though there is a library of on-demand videos you can stream anytime. There are varying styles, levels of difficulty and lengths of classes.

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I have been using this site for about six months now and have only once encountered a downtime in which I wasn’t able to stream a video. There are a good variety of videos, so you are not doing the same class over and over. The higher level classes are challenging, similar to a studio, and the instructors generally offer modifications or ways to increase the intensity of poses. Many of the videos include shavasana, relaxation at the end of the class, again similar to what you will experience in a studio. For an at home yoga option, this is by far the best one I have found.

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Whether you are an experienced yogi, a newbie, or simply looking to incorporate some yoga into your existing workout routine, this site is a great resource! For only $12.99 per month you get unlimited access to the library of on demand videos. Many studios charge this or more per class.
It has been wonderful to practice yoga regularly again. Letting go of my all or nothing mentality about exercise has made all the difference in my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the changes I have encountered in different stages of life. If you haven’t given yoga a shot, I highly recommend giving this site a try! Take it from this former self proclaimed “yoga hater”, yoga is indeed a workout- a workout you’ll fall in love with and crave!
Talk to us: Do you practice yoga? What is your favorite style? What is your favorite studio?


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