Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today we are linking up for Friday Favorites, a link up with other blogs sharing some of our favorite foods, recipes and current events from the week!

  • Healthier Desserts

chocolate yogurt

Since I am always craving something sweet, I am always looking for new ways to satisfy my sweet tooth without all of the excess calories and fat that normally comes along with sweet treats. My latest concoction is 1 cup of plain non fat yogurt, ½ tbsp cocoa powder, 2 packets truvia, topped with 1 tbsp mini chocolate chips and raspberries! This dessert packs ~14 grams of protein, a healthy dose of probiotics and is only about 200 calories!


  • Whole Foods 25 cent coffees


From now until the end of September, you can get a cup of coffee for just 25 cents at any Whole Foods and there is no limit on how many 25 cent cups you can get! I know ill be checking it out!

  • This Article: Most restaurant chains get failing grades on antibiotic use in new report

Kudos to Chipotle and Panera! It is great to see restaurants who are striving to make the food they serve healthier.

  • Kombucha


After giving up soda, I have longed for a carbonated beverage to sip on in the afternoons. Kombucha is made by fermenting sugary tea with SCOBY (bacteria and yeast). The end result is a slightly fizzy, slightly sweet, probiotic filled beverage. It has very little sugar and it is low in calories.


  • Sweet Potato Pad Thai

sweet potato pad thai

I made this recipe this week for dinner and it was fabulous! (Yes, im still obsessed with my spiralizer). This is a great way to get your daily dose of veggies and fiber! This recipe is vegan, but I served ours with some baked chicken to round out the meal.

  • Insanity Max 30

I have recently tried a few of these workouts on Beachbody on Demand and boy was I impressed. In just 30 minutes, you get a fantastic workout that leaves you feeling exhausted, yet energized and inspired. This is perfect for those of us with limited time to fit in a workout!

This is a great article showcasing some of the lesser known whole grain alternatives. Move over not whole wheat pasta and brown rice! These whole grains not only make great side dishes, but can also serve as a base for a hearty salad.

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s

pumpkin spice m&ms

So they are not the most nutritious Friday Favorite, but we all need a little chocolate every now and then!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Thanks to Heather and Katie for the link up!

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  1. Is there a coffee creamer that is not filled with sugar and bad stuff? Did I miss an article on this?

    • HealthyBites says:

      No, you didn’t miss an article…but I usually recommend the coffee mate natural bliss if you’re looking for one with sweetener and flavor. You can also try adding some spices to the grounds (pumpkin pie spice is my favorite) to give the coffee some flavor and then just add milk or cream– flavor with no sugar!

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