Welcome to Healthy Bites Houston

     Hello and welcome to Healthy Bites Houston! We are so excited to be launching our new blog, and we hope you love it! We, Laura Pearce and Caitlin Ogletree, are two registered dietitians who have a passion for all things healthy living and are looking to share our knowledge and expertise through our new blog, HBH. We currently work as dietitians in the Houston area and are excited to start this new venture in hopes to inspire others to live a healthier life.

     What makes us different from many other healthy living blogs? Credentials and experience. We both hold Masters degrees in Nutritional Sciences as well as the RD credential. In addition to our credentials, we have learned tips and tricks over the years to make eating healthy and living a healthier life easy and enjoyable.
     We know there is a lot of information about trendy diets, new food products and the latest workout though it is not always easy to determine if the information is accurate, trustworthy and from a reliable source. Our goal with Healthy Bites Houston is to provide relevant and practical information for you to easily apply to your own life. We hope you will join us on our new adventure!
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  1. Kim Mullican says:

    Okay ladies, what do you think about Whole30? I don’t think I could do it for 30 days. I tried giving up chocolate and after one day, I decided that life is too short and I should enjoy a little bit once a day, and I feel good about it. I’ve given up chocolate for Lent several times, and my sweet Steve has asked me to pick something else from now on! And that’s just chocolate! Good luck with the blog and thanks for your expertise!

    • lauracaitlin says:

      Hi Kim! Thanks for your comment! The whole 30 has some good qualities in that it promotes consumption of a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, nuts etc. The down side of restrictive diets like this is that they are hard to stick to, as it sounds like you found with the chocolate! We think moderation is best, allow yourself to have a small amount of chocolate each day to satisfy your craving. I personally have attempted the whole 30 a couple of times, but the longest I lasted was 3 days- and I even cheated those three days because I couldn’t give up my cream in my coffee! Good luck to you, thanks for following!

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